International Transformation Foundation famously known as ITF is a global Youths led nonprofit organization, on principles of stimulus and inspiration for change and transformation of youths for individual achievement. Providing Youths self development programs encompassing leadership & entrepreneurship. With Coordination secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya.

Since its establishment (December2009)International Transformation Foundation is developing and operating youths’ self development programs to lead the youths of today as leaders with strong heart and mind as true workers of society with honest, self-controlled, self-developed life, creative and progressive thinking.

In last two years over 28,611 youths were immensely changed and transformed through these programs mainly encircling leadership and entrepreneurship trainings through direct forums, seminars, camps and Debates.

ITF also do sporadically operate other youth’s development activities such as adolescence reproductive health, environmental sustainability and Peace campaigns.


“We feel like ITF is moving within some invisible providence that gives us wings to live the life of tomorrow.”  – 2010 ITF Debate Kenya Winners