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Join The Pipe


The Join the Pipe project aims to install sustainable tap water stations near playgrounds, city centers, parks, schools and bus stations in Africa which ensure accessible clean drinking tap water. The project also works to bring awareness on the environmental impact of production and waste of single-use plastic water bottles.


The project is realized through three main activities:

a. Refillable Water Bottles

ITF gives environmentally friendly and refillable water bottles to students and community residents. These bottles are made from BPA-free plastic. In most cases, the recipients of the bottles are also beneficiaries of the Water Kiosk at School or public drinking tap water stations.

b. Public Tap Water Station

This station is set up in a busy urban center for the public to access clean tap water free of charge. The project is implemented together with the city council and development partners. View our Video

c. A Water Kiosk at School

This project is set up in a community with no tap water system, where it will be the main source of clean water for all households. A water kiosk at school is a school-based and student-managed business selling clean tap water to community residents at an affordable price. It consists of financing a community school to set up an onsite water kiosk with sustainable products for the students to transport tap water from school to their homes. View our Video

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