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To offer the best programs that ensure an empowered youth and developed communities.



ITF aims at providing the most effective educational and self-development programs to the youth and to the community at large.



ITF is an international youth-led non-profit organization providing youth education and self-development programs that encompass entrepreneurship and leadership.



ITF was registered on 25th August 2010 by a group of four youth with deep aspiration that real change comes about when young people - the youth make up 75% of Africa’s population - are able to identify issues of primary concern to them and their communities and are empowered to develop, implement and manage youth-owned strategies. The first project that ITF launched was the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training which consisted of debates and training workshops in partnership with various colleges and universities to challenge the participants to expand their knowledge boundaries and mould them into great leaders and entrepreneurs. By December 2012, ITF had reached over 26,000 youth across Kenya.

In July 2013, ITF partnered with Join the Pipe Foundation , launching the Join the Pipe project, a project that involved installing specially designed tap stations near playgrounds, city centres, parks, schools and bus stations to ensure accessibility of clean drinking tap water. ITF has built 15 water kiosks benefitting over 95,000 school children and community residents in Kenya and Rwanda. Together with various partners, including the Pollination project, ITF has set up 2 public tap water stations in Uhuru Park, Nairobi in 2016 serving about 500 people daily. It is also within this project that the youth volunteers in ITF started creating awareness on the environmental impact of production and waste of single-use plastic water bottles. To date, ITF has distributed 13,619 reusable water bottles to various schools and communities.

In November 2014, ITF launched the ‘1 Slum, 100 Computers’ project, which aimed at providing computer training and entrepreneurship mentoring for youth groups in slums and informal settlements in eastern Nairobi. At the completion of the training courses, ITF would fund the trainees to set-up computer-based business. The project was supported by the Rabo Bank Foundation through its Rabo_Share4more Program.

In 2015, ITF set up a community library and resource centre in the Kahawa West Community (also supported by the Pollination project) which operated as a hub and one stop resource, information and learning centre. The project was designed in 2013 but was realised in 2015. However, the project has since been forced to shut down due to lack of funds required to sustain it. The project reached up to 40,000 people residing in Kahawa West and its adjacent areas.

Subsequently, in the same year, ITF launched the Jijenge Kijana Fund, which was designed to offer training and micro-credit as a livelihood pathway for ITF members to engage in stable livelihood.

ITF’s ‘Leadership & Entrepreneurship training’ was one of its first flagship projects developed and was intended to impact youth as well as serve as an introductory/ marketing tool to introduce the organization in its role towards the youth in East Africa. 2016 saw the successful introduction of ITF and implementation of a few projects by the organization and this ignited a desire to be a global organization teaming up with youth across the world to find solutions to cross-cutting issues, therefore, a partnership with the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union (EU) was established. ITF has gone on to collaborate with a number of organisations within the Erasmus Plus Programme and has seen involvement of over 800 youth in various capacity building projects for the youth.


ITF has since opened its offices in Rwanda and the USA. The mentioned programmes have continued to form a big part of ITF’s existing programmes to date.

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