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Reflect Experiment Capture (REC)

The REC project started in December 2018 and finished in November 2021. Its main objective has been to involve young people in a process of reflection on violence, especially bullying, cyberbullying, gender-based violence and isolation/indifference, through the use of arts and experimental filmmaking, with the aim to empower them to prevent situations of harassment and, at the same time, enhance their ICT and soft skills, smoothing their way to employment. ITF in partnership with 4 other youth-led organisations: Fundación INTRAS, Dejavato Foundation, ICESIE and CJD brought the REC Project which combined Art, Experimental film-making, new technologies and violence prevention in a single initiative. Addressing some of the societal topics that we as young people face like: Bullying(Cyber bullying), Gender Based Violence, Physical Violence, isolation and indefferences. Therefore here in Kenya, ITF in collaboration with Kinyanjui Polytechnic, PCEA Kikuyu youth and The University of Nairobi had workshops that helped formulate responses, solutions and a call for action aimed at creating awareness and sensitization around these topics through the REC Replay Labs Activity in Kenya.

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