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Youth illiteracy is still rife in many countries around the world. According to statistics, globally, 124 million children and young adolescents are not in school or they drop out before completing the full course of basic education. Therefore the READ project and its partners share the mission to enhance the participation of youth and disadvantaged learners to society, promoting inclusive education and equality. This project is fully committed to constantly explore new youth work approaches and methodologies. The project draws its origin from the long engagement for the empowerment of young people through non-formal learning.

The aim of READ project is to promote reading to young people in an integrated and creative manner. Through local and mobility activities, the project addresses the problem of illiteracy, the risk of school dropout & the lack of interest that young people have towards reading. Targeting those marginalized youngsters, READ will stimulate the interest in reading as a way to open up the imagination, using nonformal methodologies, offering cultural & creative activities.

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