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Go - Pro

The GO - Pro project was an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Union that was finished in 2023. The project was supposed to last from 20/1/2021 to 30/12/2022, however due to Covid-19, it was prolonged until later in 2023.  The project's main goal was to make room for the development of core competencies in the field of programming for children and youth. Planning algorithms and programming robots were among the subjects discussed. 

Unfortunately, not all project activities were completed because the primary partner organization encountered financial difficulties with the project and opted to end it before all activities were completed. The project had seven other partners including: MERITUM (POLAND), K.A.N.E(GREECE),  EHSB (CROATIA),   BTG (PHILIPPINES),  Vietnam,  OSVSWA (INDIA) and CYA (CAMBODIA. The project managed to directly  impact 40 children and 13 youth . The various activities that took place during the project include, two training sessions, a programming workshop and a dissemination activity.

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