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ITF Wins The Saville Foundation Pan-African Awards For Entrepreneurship In Education

Saturday, 28th January 2016 was a special day for ITF as former and current volunteers from 2010 to 2017 gathered at Hotel Green Court Nairobi for the first ever annual general meeting and volunteer’s reunion party.

“We have had the idea to host an ITF’s all time volunteer’s reunion for a long time now and I am so happy that it finally happened. Each of you has played a big role in the growth of ITF and I truly appreciate all your great work,” said ITF Secretary General, Venuste Kubwimana.

Venuste also deeply appreciated the first group of ITF volunteers who included Tony Githinji, Ruth Goga, George Arango, Fredrick Omondi and Josphat Karimi for standing with ITF through the initial struggles of setting up the organization.

He took the volunteers down memory lane by giving a brief history of ITF including how the idea came up, how they overcame challenges along the way and how ITF volunteers have steered ITF to where it is now.

During the event, each volunteer got to share their experience while at ITF and how ITF made them better people. The volunteers highly appreciated Secretary General, Venuste Kubwimana for the opportunities he opened up for them through ITF and they praised him for his remarkable leadership skills and humble personality.

Venuste also gave the volunteers a glimpse into ITF’s future plans which included a promise of more travelling opportunities for the volunteers. He encouraged volunteers who have profitable business ideas to tap into the Jjenge Kijana Fund which was set up mainly to support the young members of ITF grow their start up businesses to a sustainable level.

“This year, we plan to expand ITF by opening an ITF branch in Rwanda hopefully by the end of February. We are also focused on having a public audit of our accounts and making all ITF reports public.” Venuste said.

The event was sealed with a cake cutting ceremony before the volunteers spent the rest of the evening networking and sharing a sumptuous dinner.


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