1. 2021 Most Innovative Development Project, Global Development Awards

The Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project is a competitive grant program under the umbrella of the Global Development Awards Competition, administered by GDN and funded by the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan. The Award targets projects currently at the stage of implementation, and which have a high potential for impact targeting exceptionally marginalized and disadvantaged groups located in developing countries.

Read more: https://www.gdn.int/awards2021/MIDP/

2. 2019 World Water Challenge, Korea Water Forum

Read more: https://www.kiww.org/home/2017/kiww/Files/WWCH_2019_rankings_FIN.pdf

3. 2019 NextGen Social enterprise Franchise Award, IFA Foundation

NextGen in Franchising encourages young entrepreneurs to get excited about the opportunities in franchising. The NextGen in Franchising Global Contest invites young people (ages 21-35) with new ideas and new business ventures to share their ambitions with top industry executives. Contest winners are awarded a trip to participate in the International Franchise Association Annual Convention, a travel stipend to partially offset travel cost, and a chance to present their business concept to guest franchise owners and executives on the main stage for additional cash prizes. During the NextGen Summit at the IFA Convention, contest winners learn about franchising, participate in an intensive business accelerator program, and get to network with industry leaders.

Read more: https://nextgenfranchising.org/past-winners/

4.Top 50 Africa Innovation, Africa Innovation summit 2018

The AIS is an Africa-wide and home grown initiative aimed at harnessing the innovation potential of the continent. It aims to mobilize the people and, especially those with the ‘power to act’, including investors, the people with the ideas, the policy makers, the researchers and academics, the business community, the youth, as well as innovators and thinkers into a coalition for collective action to promote and build an enabling environment for innovation in Africa. The goal is to engage as many people as possible in order to build a broad constituency in support of innovation in Africa.

Read more: https://www.africainnovationsummit.com/


The Spindle was initiated by Partos an association of Dutch Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in international development. It aims at promoting innovative things NGOs are doing and inspire people in international development, hence creating a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable world.

Through the project ‘A Water Kiosk at School’ we managed to win the Best Innovation Award. Because of its successfully implementation, this project has improved quality and learning outcomes in various primary schools in the country since students can now attend school punctually unlike before where they would have to walk long distances to get water for their families.

Read more: https://www.partos.nl/


Organized by United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), the contest is aimed at promoting the South-South Youth Leadership in advancing Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 within their communities. It encompasses of people and countries of the South that contributes to national well-being, national and collective self-reliance and the attainment of internationally agreed development goals.

Water being a necessity for the well-being of any community, International Transformation Foundation (ITF) has greatly impacted people’s life by ensuring that they can easily access water through “A Water Kiosk at School.”

Read more: http://www.southsouthworld.org/


ESD Okayama Award 2016 – Global Prize was given to International Transformation Foundation (ITF) in recognition of its outstanding project of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) on “A water Kiosk at School”.

The ‘ESD Okayama Award’ was established by the ‘ESD Okayama Award Steering Board’ and Okayama City in 2015 to showcase and promote ESD, and to support the organizations carrying out ESD activities.

The ‘ESD Okayama Award Steering Board’ is composed of the following organizations:

  • United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS)
  • UNESCO Bangkok, Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education
  • Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)
  • Japan Council on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD-J)
  • The Goi Peace Foundation
  • Okayama ESD Promotion Commission

Read more: https://www.city.okayama.jp/index.html


The Global Awards for Fundraising commend excellence and inspirational fundraising in organizations and individuals in four categories which include Big Impact Small Budget. This category awards a prize to a small or medium organization that has delivered disproportionate results for their beneficiaries, either relative to revenue or on a small budget, in the past 12 to 24 months.

Read more: http://resource-alliance.org/


Since 2007 Teach a Man to Fish in partnership with The Saville Foundation have been rewarding organizations that contribute to Africa's long term growth and development through an entrepreneurial approach to education and training.

Read more: https://www.teachamantofish.org.uk/

10. 2012 GSBI

A program of Santa Clara University, The Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) serves social entrepreneurs around the world who are developing innovative solutions that provide a sustainable path out of poverty. Developed in partnership with the World Bank Development Marketplace, the GSBI Online strengthens the business model of early-stage social enterprise.

Read more: https://www.millersocent.org/